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In anticipation of his album The Come Up, Henrï releases his second studio single "Enough".


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Enough Cover Art Release biography:
"When Henrï tells you 'enough is enough', you truly feel every sense of the phrase. Drawing from various moments in his life, Henrï is back with his second studio track, "Enough", which unlike "Rebecca", illustrates the darker side of being in a relationship and dealing with emotional instability and doubt.

Throughout the track, Henrï takes his listeners through the happenings of a toxic relationship and coming out at the end realizing that no one can control you and make you feel unworthy."
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Rebeca Cover Art Release biography:
"As one of the first original members to the label 2EIO Sounds, Henrï releases his first studio track, Rebeca. Motivated by his own personal experiences, Henrï draws a unique, extrospective work, posing questions to the person opposite him, "What if I pull up on you?", evoking feelings of desire and longing.

Rebeca illustrates a rather enjoyable side of being in a distance relationship, that isn't often depicted in mainstream media, as well as the vulnerability that comes with it. He displays feelings of fondness in each verse, reflecting moments in which he felt close despite the measured distance.

In what could potentially be an anthem for people caught in similar situations, Henrï showcases his lyrical genius, unique flow, and distinct style of music to deliver a perfectly crafted song that combines both hip-hop and rap into style only Henrï can deliver."
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December 15, 2017
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